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56 : Rematch With Goku Black! Super Saiyan Rose...

Plot hole in this ark that i remember was when goku first fought Zamasu.He defeated him in super saiyan 1 form but how is that possible? Supreme kai stated in buu saga that each of his fellow kais were stronger 1000 times than frieza and super saiyan 1 is just slight above 100% frieza on Namek.Not to mention that Zamasu is a fighting prodigy which means he is definitely stronger than other kais in DBZ.

56 : Rematch with Goku Black! Super Saiyan Rose...

Super saiyan transformations becomed joke after frieza saga...Every few episodes new transformations and every few episodes they were outclassed in combat.That killed the uniqueness of an transformation itself because it was stated that super saiyan doesent have an equal in the universe...Now we have a god KI,god super saiyan which is again stated to be on a whole new level much stronger than super saiyan vegito or buu when he absorbed everyone.And yet again red god saiyan evolved to blue god saiyan and now he is outclassed by some black dude which is ridiculus.for god sake goku fought beerus and trained with whis which means that no matter how potencial zamasu or black have they will never be stronger from what is whis capable to train.

And i am predicting that final goku's transformation will be super saiyan white which only makes sense in this whole franchise...White is all colours combined into one and in eastern civilization its embodiment of powerful and wise old warrior masters who were respected through generations...I am still courious though will they expalin how different colour of an transformation brings different form of energy that fighter possess in that moment.Will they say in the end that white transformation is the ultimate form and all KI forms combined into one or it will be like Goku never used a full potencial of his KI and that is represented with his KI colours. 041b061a72


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