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Arkanoid Eternal Battle

The Guerilla Collective event featured a trailer for Arkanoid - Eternal Battle, an upcoming battle royale title that is based on the classic arcade game. Tetris 99 kicked off the arcade battle royale concept, which was followed by games like Pac-Man 99, which has players compete in a classic arcade game until only one person is left.

Arkanoid Eternal Battle

For fans of retro games, a new Arkanoid title will allow players to challenge each other online. A new trailer for Arkanoid - Eternal Battle was shown during the 2022 Guerilla Collective event, which can now be seen on the official Game Trailers YouTube channel. The retro-inspired title features a number of gameplay modes, aesthetic options, and a new battle royale function.

Arkanoid - Eternal Battle will also have a Retro mode, allowing fans to play the original version of the game in a virtual arcade parlor with a classic machine. Additionally, "Neo" mode will provide a modernized version of the game, with updated visuals and new gameplay gimmicks. There is a local multiplayer mode, where 2-4 players can compete on the same screen, but the most exciting part of the new content is the online mode. Arkanoid - Eternal Battle features a 25-player battle royale mode, where players compete against each other and use power-ups to try and stay in the game. Arkanoid - Eternal Battle features cross-play for all platforms and will have online leaderboards for the Retro and Neo modes.

Arkanoid is a great choice for this type of game, as block breaker games remain popular and satisfying decades after the first titles were released. The addition of cross-play is a substantial benefit, as it will allow players to easily connect regardless of preferred gaming platforms. Currently, the release window for Arkanoid - Eternal Battle is planned for October 2022, so retro and battle royale fans won't have to wait long before challenging friends to intense block-breaking matches. 041b061a72


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