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Where To Buy Tights

I started my search looking at brands and models that my interviewees and colleagues recommended. From there, I also investigated the top sellers on Amazon and at department stores, read tights roundups from other publications, and took note of repeat selections with stellar online reviews. Finally, I called in 20 pairs of tights to assess myself, including tights with a control top, two cotton and wool blends, a few under-$15 pairs, plus some higher-end $50-and-up pairs. I also looked for tights that come in a wide range of sizes. Disappointingly, few brands offer sizes above XL. I ruled out any pairs that maxed out at size L, and I prioritized those that went up to at least 2XL.

where to buy tights

To evaluate those first 20 pairs of tights, I tried on each to get quick impressions of comfort, fit, durability, and appearance. I eliminated one pair for an uncomfortable crotch seam and nixed another that had a useless control top. I was left with 10 pairs of tights to be further assessed, including our five-person panel. Our group was comprised of women of different heights and sizes: 5-foot-2 and typically a size 0 or 2; 5-foot-5 and typically a size 2; 5-foot-3 and typically a size 12; 6 feet and typically a size 12; 5-foot-1 and typically a size 2 or 4; and 5-foot-9 and typically a size 2 or 4. We recognize that this panel lacked plus-size, male, and nonbinary people, but we hope to test on a greater variety of bodies in future updates.

The panelists were instructed to wear each pair for a minimum of 20 minutes of walking, sitting, and standing. Afterward they washed and dried them according to individual care instructions. Then they wore the tights for an additional 20 minutes, paying special attention to any changes after they were washed and dried. Our testers rated each pair in the following categories:

Comfort: We looked for tights that felt smooth and snug, without constriction or digging seams, especially in the legs and gusset (the fabric insert between the legs). I asked panelists to note if any component of the tights (toe seams, waistband) rubbed uncomfortably against the skin, whether the fabric was itchy or soft, and whether any part felt overly constrictive. Tirzah said high-waisted tights were less likely to dig into her waist while she was sitting in a wheelchair. This sentiment was shared by our tester who had recently undergone a cesarian section. So we paid special attention to where the tights hit on the torso.

Durability: Ripped tights may have their occasional moment in fashion, but most of us want our tights to remain in one solid piece for as long as possible. We paid attention to how easily each pair snagged or ripped. We wanted tights that could stand up to fingernail scratches, walking on carpet, and rough calluses.

Warmth: Since one of the main reasons people wear tights is to stay warm, we compared the warmth of each pair. We also noted whether they caused overheating and sweating, or if they felt breathable or flimsy.

After narrowing down a list of five top-ranked tights, I conducted a final durability test. I continuously scraped each pair for one minute against a rough brick surface. And I tried to catch the tights in a zipper by running each pair through the zipper 10 times.

As such, tights are a rather wasteful product. In an earlier version of this guide, bamboo was considered an eco-friendly fabric alternative. But we discovered that most fabrics labeled bamboo are just standard rayon, a chemically processed form of wood-derived cellulose. Some companies now claim to make their tights from recycled materials. We prioritized these companies, but we were limited by the fact that most of them are based in Europe.

The Falke Soft Merino Tights performed very well in testing. Our panel found the tights warm and non-itchy, with a smooth waistband and comfortable, molded feet. But the knit had slightly less spring than that of others we tested, and some of our testers complained that the tights sagged at their knees.

The Hue Super Opaque Tights with Control Top were soft and stretchy, but the control top was too stretchy and not constrictive enough for any shaping effect. Those in the market for control-top tights would find these ineffective.

Commando is another shapewear favorite that delivers on incredible hosiery. Best-sellers from the brand include the ultimate opaque tights with a modern matte finish to lace-adorned sheers à la beautiful lingerie.

Iconic designer Donna Karan is known for creating many a wardrobe must-have, including luxurious hosiery. From essential black to various skin-tone shades, these tights are staples in a hosiery collection, whether you favor control-top technology or whisper-thin sheers.

Founded by Linn Frisinger and Nadja Forsberg, Swedish Stockings was born out of the discovery that two billion pairs of tights are discarded every year and a mission to minimize hosiery waste in landfills. The ethical label uses Econyl nylon yarn made from discarded fishing nets and an eco-dye process to create its ultra-stretchy tights. Offerings range from semi-opaque black, brown, and burgundy tights to jacquard and shimmering designs in noir, gray, and white.

Founded by friends Sandy Chilewich and Kathy Moskal in 1978, Hue hosiery is a go-to for everyday tights and vividly colorful styles, from sheer and semi-opaque to blackout designs. It even offers antimicrobial and winter-specific Thermalux tights to keep legs toasty warm in the cold.

Hanes is as iconic for its socks and T-shirts as it is hosiery. When stocking up on affordable sheer, opaque, and printed tights for winter, the label is choice for everything from shaping pantyhose to control-top stockings.

Former dancer Erin Carpenter founded Nude Barre in 2009 to make the hosiery space more inclusive. The assortment of tights comes in 12 shades to reflect the full spectrum of skin tones, all durable enough for performance but incredibly comfortable for everyday wear.

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Nevertheless, we're here to help. In the map after the jump, we've listed nine places to shop for tights, from the luxe Wolford and Fogal boutiques to your local H&M. Did we miss your go-to spot? Leave it in the comments below if you're willing to share.

Like any tights, they can rip but the logo Gucci tights are thicker than most pantyhose and almost a tight-knit fishnet material. How long they last will mainly come down to how you take care of them. As well as what you wear with them. Thanks to some TLC, dressing carefully and avoiding bags and bracelets that could catch, mine are on year 3.

The original black stockings version of the Gucci logo tights have gone up a lot in price but most things have this year. So definitely use the care tips above to prolong their life span and get the most CPW.

These stunning designer tights go with pretty much everything and mean you can keep your shorts & skirts on rotation for longer. Just keep them away from jewelry, bags or zippers that could snag them.

Come and say hi or follow along for more daily fashion and style inspiration. As well as the latest sale alerts. If you have any questions I missed in this Gucci tights review send me a message on Instagram so that I can get back to you.

When fall rolls around one of my most commonly asked questions is where do I buy colored tights? Colored tights are such a fun and inexpensive way to add a BIG pop of color to any look. At the moment I own far too many pairs, but I still continue to add to my collection as I always stumble upon a new must-have hue! See my latest tight looks here, here and here.

Currently, my favorite places to find colored tights (also always typically $15 dollars or less) are here, here, here and here. If you are looking for more ideas on how to style colored tights, keep scrolling as I am highlighting some of my favorite past looks below!

Kate fans know that the Duchess and her family regularly shop at the Bicester Village outlet in Oxfordshire. Bicester village DOES have a Wolford outlet on site. We know for a fact that Kate visited Bicester in 2011. It is very possible she stocked up on non-slip tights.

Matte black tights are the foundation of any winter wardrobe. This opaque style can effortlessly layer under dresses, skirts, and roomy sweaters: They're some of the most versatile tights on our list. It's also the rare pair you won't mind wearing for hours: a raw-cut waistband ensures it doesn't dig into your skin.

Here's a pair of plus-size tights that will keep you warm and cool at once. Cooling fibers throughout the legs add breathability, and the waistband comes with a moisture-wicking material.

Spanx carries some of the most reliable winter tights available right now. But if we can only order one pair, we have to choose its reversible stockings. They're built with the same contouring technology as Spanx's shaping shorts. And, they flip between two matte shades for endless winter layering.

Sheertex's tights have an endorsement few other hosiery brands share: They were named one of TIME magazine's Best Inventions, ever. What makes them worth the investment? Sheertex uses a proprietary knit that's fine yet durable for a silky, holds-you-in wear that seriously won't rip or overly stretch. There's also a 30-day guarantee: If your tights somehow get a unwearable run, you can send them back for new hosiery.

If you want to keep dresses and skirts in rotation all winter, you'll need a pair of fleece-lined tights in your arsenal. This take comes in a flexible knit perfect for day-to-day wear. They're just as warm as the best fleece-lined leggings, too. 041b061a72


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