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Music Player Free ((NEW)) Download For Nokia Mobile

Nokia Music Player is a music manager software which is free to install and use. With it you can download, manage, listen and transfer the music you love between your PC and mobile devices.Nokia Music Player is an easy-to-use software that helps you manage your music collection. It automatically imports the compatible music files already saved on your PC. With all your music in one place you can create playlists, rip and burn CDs, and view or edit track information.You can transfer music between your mobile and PC (and vice versa) so you can listen to the music you choose, whenever and wherever you want.All in all, you will be able to consider that Nokia Music Player will put music at your finger tips.

Music Player Free Download For Nokia Mobile

Download File:

  • Features of Nokia Music PlayerCopy music direct to your mobile with Rip-n-Go.

  • Import your existing music collection.

  • Search by artist, album, track or genre and create playlists for any mood.

  • Transfer music between your PC and Nokia devices.

Compatibility and LicenseNokia Music Player is provided under a freeware license on Windows from mobile phone tools with no restrictions on usage. Download and installation of this PC software is free and 2.5.11021.00 is the latest version last time we checked.

Music players come preinstalled on every Android phone. Not all of those apps have all the features, though, which is where third-party apps come into play. You'll find quite a few excellent music player apps on the Play Store. However, a lot of them will dampen your experience with ads.

Musicolet is an ad-free music app with a minimalist UI design. The app requires no internet permissions, so it is entirely offline and ad-free. Musicolet plays music that you have downloaded and saved on your phone. It allows you to select multiple music files by tag or name and add them to your customized collection.

Retro creates an automatic playlist based on your most played and recently added music. It gives you control over what music you see in the app. If you don't want to add specific music files to the music player, you can add them to the blacklist, which hides the files from the library.

Another excellent entry to this ad-free music player list is Phonograph, which supports tag editing, integration, and has different UI-colored themes. You can create your custom playlists as well.

The app has a built-in equalizer and can download album art for your music files. You can choose to prevent the screen from going to sleep when playing music, and the app offers four free themes for personalization.

AIMP is a lightweight, easy-to-use music player that supports offline playback with solid features. In fact, it is one of the best offline music players available for Android. The app offers various features such as easy navigation, synchronization, multiple selection, sorting, and gestures.

It feels like we've been able to carry our music with us wherever we go for as long as we can remember. Back in the day, it was Walkman and MP3 music players that allowed us to take our tunes with us. Fast forward to today, and our smartphones have taken up the mantle of portable music players, offering us access to nearly any song we can think of at the touch of a button. However, the music player that comes pre-installed on your phone may not always be the best way to listen to your favorite tunes.

Users have the option to use Spotify for free, with some limitations on features and ads, or they can upgrade to a paid subscription for a more seamless listening experience. The paid version, known as Spotify Premium, gives users access to additional features such as the ability to download songs for offline listening and higher-quality audio. In addition, Spotify can also play locally stored music, which is really handy if you have a large collection of music saved on your device.

If Spotify is not your cup of tea, then Deezer might fit the bill a little bit better, as it's one of the most well-known alternatives to bigger apps like Apple Music and YouTube Music. Deezer actually provides a very similar feature set to Spotify, down to the number of features the Premium version offers, and it also has an ad-supported free version. Both are pretty good as there are features such as downloads, recommendations, and a vast library of music tracks and podcasts for you to choose from.

It's been years and we're still surprised Apple actually made Apple Music available on Android, but alas, they did. And for what it's worth, it's definitely on the upper tier of the best music player apps for Android. In order to have access to this service, you have the option to pay an $11/month subscription for a personal package; $6 if you're a student or you can pay a monthly $17 if you want to enjoy a family package, allowing you to share your subscription and Apple's enormous music library with up to six people. It now even offers lossless music with Dolby Atmos so if you have the right audio equipment, you can enjoy great quality audio with Apple Music on your Android phone.

As the name implies, iHeartRadio is a radio streaming application where people can listen to a variety of stations according to their personal tastes. In addition to radio shows, it also offers on-demand music, podcasts, news, and sports content. The service follows a freemium model. The free tier lets you listen to thousands of radio stations while the premium plans unlock on-demand music, unlimited personalized playlists, and ad-free playlists and Artist stations.

Tidal has a big thing going for them that not many other streaming services have -- it features lossless audio. It's set to face competition from none other than Spotify as the company recently announced that Spotify HiFi is a thing. Tidal pioneered the concept of streaming lossless music, and having CD-quality music without having to own CDs or without having to download FLAC files is pretty darn great. Once we get past the lossless aspect of things, Tidal still remains a pretty compelling package with access to a claimed library of 70 million songs.

YouTube is considered "the king of free apps" par excellence because it gives you access to an enormous library of media, which also includes music. But YouTube Music, while using the same platform as YouTube, is a different thing entirely. It mixes YouTube's name and brand as well as its enormous popularity and joins that with a library of over 40 million songs (and that's without counting in videos), and a free tier that packs pretty much the same limitations as the YouTube app for videos.

The best part about the YouTube identity is that all your liked music from over the years is also carried along, so you can dip into nostalgia with ease. The paid tier removes ads and gives you access to features such as background playback. The free version does leave a few things to be desired though, so if you aren't willing to shell something out, it's best you go with a different option in this list.

If you're looking specifically for a offline music player, Shuttle 2 Music Player is one of the best options. This feature-packed music player is a sequel to the original Shuttle Music Player. It's rewritten from the ground up in Kotlin, offering improved speed, reliability, and a modern user interface. Shuttle 2 Music Player scans folders specified by the user and reads file tags itself, resulting in a more accurate and reliable music library. It natively supports FLAC and Opus codecs and allows users to stream music from Emby, Plex, or Jellyfin media servers. The app also includes a custom-built 10-band equalizer with frequency response graph, Android Auto support, batch tag editing, Chromecast support, album shuffle, sleep timer, replay gain, and a range of themes and customization options. Shuttle 2 Music Player is available on the Google Play Store with a 14-day free trial, after which users can choose to pay for the full version or continue using the free version with limited functionality.

Finally, there's no way we can make a music player app roundup without giving Poweramp a shoutout. Poweramp is, well, kind of an ugly duckling compared to the rest of the apps in this list. But looks are not the point of it. This app's whole point is purely being function over form, and the function more than makes up for the lack of form.

It supports a bunch of formats, it supports hi-res audio whenever the device supports it, it has internal 64-bit processing, and that's just to mention a handful of the features Poweramp comes with. It's really that great. If you can look past the app's utilitarian UI and pay a one-time license for the full version, you got yourself one of the best music player apps available on Android.

Comes With Music is available with only two Nokia mobile phones - the Comes With Music Edition versions of the 5310 and the N95 8GB. We tried it with the 5310, which is available without a SIM for 157 including VAT. It's also available on Orange pay as you go for 127 or free on an 18 month contract with Orange for 25 a month from

After registering your PC and phone with Nokia, you can download music through the Nokia Music player program. You can register only one PC, which you must then use for all your downloads, although you can switch your account to a different PC up to four times during the year. You can also download songs directly to the phone.

It's easy to search for songs by keyword or browse by artist, album or genre. A wide selection of tracks is available, and while it isn't as broad as iTunes, we found all our favourite music apart from some obscure blues, drum and bass and soundtrack songs. Unlike Apple's iTunes Store, audiobooks, podcasts and music videos aren't available, however. You can browse the catalogue at

If you like to download music all the time and are content with Nokia's DRM restrictions, Comes With Music is great value. For 157 you could buy 224 songs at 70p each from Amazon's MP3 store, although you could play them on any computer or music player. If you're going to download that much music in a year, opting for Comes With Music means you get a slick new handset, worth around 80 including VAT, practically for free.


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