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When you have to take a big "L" take a little "l" instead.

Turning Negatives Into Positives

There are many opportunities for life to throw a curveball. In navigating through these challenges, we take a few losses. The trick is to identify the cause and minimize the impact of that loss. It is here that the hard work begins. Staying alert and acknowledging failure in the system early is a key to success. Once identified, implementing solutions through amended, habitual protocols will make the impact of these losses as minimal as possible.

Do not dwell on a loss. Instead, use the time to discover the root causes and implement solutions. Use any setback as a learning experience.

Ask yourself the following:

1) What are all sides of the story? 2) What is the root cause of the plan failing? 3) Is it the right time and place? 4) Who are all involved parties?

5) Are said parties in positions that match their skill sets? 6) How can future performance be improved upon? From here you have the foundational understanding to overcome these obstacles. Do not allow your emotions to stop you from using every experience as an opportunity to reflect and analyze the situation. With each loss comes a new light at the end of the tunnel.

Practicing the discipline needed to trade your losses into learnings will ensure that you are able to lead your team to accelerate ahead of the competition.

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