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Sevastyan Sokolov
Sevastyan Sokolov

[S2E10] End Of The Road

While Norman is still concealed within the container, Dylan is escaping from Nick Ford's compound after killing him, Sheriff Romero is searching for Norman at the behest of Norma, and Norma is waiting worryingly to hear the status of Norman's whereabouts. As Romero is driving to Nick Ford's compound to confront him about Norman, he sees Dylan running across a field on the other side of the road. He stops his car and backs up. Dylan confesses he just left Nick Ford's compound and that Nick Ford died by his hands before Romero tells him to hop in the police car.

[S2E10] End Of The Road

David Palmer is driven down Franklin Canyon Drive, along a stretch that runs next to the reservoir. The 24 team built a barrier at the start of the stretch of road and a fake doorway at the end, that covers the start of a tiny tunnel at the end of the road.

Kim drives South on Mateo Street, then turns right onto Violet Street and hits roadworks. She then turns right again to drive North down an alley. She almost reaches the end of the alley when Gary pulls up in front of her (he's traveling West on East 7th Place). She then gets out and runs back towards Violet Street and hides behind a bin.

Eddie and his men then drive under the 1st Street Bridge, after driving down a (now closed off) road parallel to 1st Street. They watch the explosion at the CTU building, looking towards Downtown LA. Although added in post-production, the smoke seems to place the CTU building somewhere on East 1st Street.

The opening shot of the episode shows Downtown Los Angeles viewed from the 1st Street Bridge, as emergency services drive to CTU. It then pans down to Eddie Grant's van parked on N Santa Fe Avenue. When they leave, the van drives north up that road. 041b061a72


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