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Sevastyan Sokolov
Sevastyan Sokolov

Last Shelter: Survival - A Thrilling and Challenging Strategy Game for Android Devices

Last Shelter: Survival is an original post-apocalyptic survival strategy game. In this game, players need to build and manage their own shelter in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, compete with other survivors for resources, and fight against zombies and other enemy threats.

In the game, players need to make strategic decisions, including resource management, building construction, technology research and development, military training, etc., to ensure their own survival and development. At the same time, the game also includes attacks from zombies and other enemies. Players need to form their own army, fight and defend, and protect their shelters.

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Gateway Arch National Park partners with Gateway Region YMCA on an annual basis to provide fun, immersive summer camp experiences.Do you have what it takes to be an extreme Ranger? Put your outdoor adventure skills to the test finding your way by compass, build a shelter, make your own survival fishing pole and see if you can catch the big one. Paddle your way on float trip. Visit the Gateway Arch and put all your skills together on an overnight camp out at one of our Missouri State parks.To learn more about this summer camp program, call the Gateway Arch National Park Education Team at 314-655-1637.


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